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Naru Revive | Mineral Fasting Aid



£1.43 per 8.5 Grams

14 sachets of natural raspberry-flavoured powder drink with electrolytes and a dash of stevia.


Introducing Naru Revive – the electrolyte drink that's here to redefine your mineral balance. Tailored for those embracing intermittent fasting, exercise, low-carb, or keto lifestyles, Naru Revive's 0.8g carbs and zero sugar formula ensures guilt-free indulgence while replenishing essential minerals.


Crafted through years of research, Naru Revive's innovative electrolyte mix helps to revitalise your mineral status, empowering you to take on each day with energy and vitality.


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Product Details

Each carton contains 14 of our 8.5g sachets. Designed for intermittent fasting, this supplement has been crafted to not break your fast.

  • Sugar & Filler Free

  • Keto & Paleo Friendly

  • Suitable For Vegans

  • Only 3 kcal Per Sachet