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Naru Nutrition Supplement

Tailored for those embracing intermittent fasting, frequent exercise, low-carb or keto lifestyles, Naru Revive is here to restore your mineral balance.

Everything your body needs when fasting

Full Spectrum Electrolyte Powder
Zero Sugar
Delicious Taste
Rehydrate On The Go

Naru Revive

Calcium prevents blood clotting, improves bone health and promotes regular muscle & nerve function.

Magnesium supports muscle & nerve function, aids protein synthesis and regulates mood.

Potassium reduces hypertension & other cardiovascular complications, creates proteins and burns carbohydrates.

Sodium to regulate blood pressure, Magnesium & Potassium retention and macronutrient absorption.

Naru Revive Mineral Fasting Aid
Raspberry Flavoured Daily Supplement Naru

Save on Multi-Buys​

Get 10% off when you purchase 2 cartons.

Get 15% off when you purchase 4 cartons.

Get 20% off when you purchase 6 or more cartons.

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