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Intermittent Fasting and Low Calorie Diets

Sip slowly during your fasting period to fight hunger pangs and avoid fatigue

During diets and lifestyle choices that put stress on the body, like ketogenic diets or intermittent fasting, your body loses essential minerals at an increased rate. This can lead to symptoms like fatigue and low energy, amongst others.

Replenish your body's electrolyte levels and promote optimal hydration by drinking Naru Revive to help support a variety of your body's physiological processes.

Exercise and Sports Recovery

Consume before exercise for a pre-workout or afterwards to replenish with electrolytes

An imbalance in electrolyte levels can noticeably affect your energy levels. When the body lacks adequate electrolytes, fluid balance is disrupted, resulting in feelings of tiredness and weakness.

Consume your minerals 1 hour before exercise (over the course of 45 minutes) for a workout boost or within 1 hour after exercise to recover with electrolytes.

Women's Health and Ageing

Embrace the journey through menopause with greater comfort and vitality

Electrolytes are essential for women going through the menopause, especially calcium, magnesium and sodium. This is because oestrogen, which is vital for keeping bone density stable and maintaining bone strength, decreases.

Electrolytes contribute significantly in aiding many of the symptoms of menopause such as low energy, weight gain, sleep quality, mood and hormonal changes.

General Health and Hydration

Shift your mineral intake from the minimum to optimal levels

Electrolytes are vital for hydration due to their role in fluid absorption and utilisation. Hydration isn’t just about preventing dehydration, it’s about our arteries having optimal blood volume, supplying oxygen to the heart, brain, skin and optimising working muscles.

Drink Naru Revive steadily throughout your day for maximum absorption of its essential minerals.

Beat The Hangover and Jet Lag

Offset the effects of alcohol and travel with electrolytes

Even the occasional drink can result in feeling pretty worse for wear the following day. Consume Naru Revive before and after you go to sleep, to replenish lost minerals after the diuretic effect of alcohol.

If you're travelling long distance, electrolytes are a great way maintain mental clarity and energy levels.

Get The Most Out of Naru Revive

Naru Revive has been designed to help support you in your health and fitness journey with minimal impact on your caloric intake. Explore the different ways Naru Revive can help you below.

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